-  is buddhatronica music,

using mantras as lyrics.

Listen. Meditate. Fly. Dance. Sing.

Get high on music, and make

a better world

These several hundred years old shingon buddhistic Japanese mantras have never gone public before.

But now it's time.

Our Planet needs enlightenment - the more, the better.

The mantras and music are filled with light and good spirit, and have a very high energy. If you feel that, when listening to the music, it is because you're connected to the vibration, and you will go higher, filled with good energy each time you listen.

What do the mantras mean?

Namu = Hounor or Homage

1: Namu Honzon Kaie

Namu Honzon Kaie = Homage to the Mandala of the Principal Deity. (Mandala, from Sanskrit, one of the oldest symbols, often a figure like a flower, a cross- or a wheelform).

2: Namu Riyou Bu Kaie

= Homage to alldeities of the Vajradhatu ( the Diamond Realm and the Womb Realm) and the Garbhadhatu Mandalas. We honour Vajradhatu, which is the metaphysical space inhabited by the Five Compassion Buddhas.

3: Namu is-sai San Bou

= Homage to the 3 Juvels: Buddha (the historical Buddha - the yellow jewel), Dharma (Buddhas teaching - the blue jewel) and Sangha (the spiritual community - the red jewel).

4. Namu hachi Dai Kou zo

= Homage to the eight masterpredecessors of Buddhism.

5. Namu Daishi Henjo Kongo

= Homage to Kukai - and the way to entlightenment through Kukai. Kukai, also known posthumously as Kobo-Daishi, (The Grand Master Who Propagated teh Biddhist Teaching), 774-835, was a Japanese Biddhist monk, civil servant, scholar, poet, and artist who founded the Esoteric Shingon or "mantra" school of Buddhism. Shingon followers usually refer to him by the honorific title of Odaishisama and the religious nae of Henjo-Kongo

Who Are ArtManMantrA?

Thulla: Composer, & sounddesigner,  vocals, electronica, keys,

Alain Apaloo: Guitar

Ayi Solomon: Percussion

Produced and mixed by Thulla & Jørgen Knub.

Mastered by Jørgen Knub.

Denmark • 2020 • Copyright: Thulla

Contact: • +45 2424 8182

ArtMan drawing by Thomas Winkler

ArtManMantrA is supported by Koda Kultur